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Alexys Agency Srl is based in Italy and is an innovative commercial brokerage agency for exporting goods and services. It was founded by a team of highly-trained individuals with decades of experience in the field of fashion and lifestyle. It already boasts a wide-ranging portfolio of domestic and foreign customers and close relations with the sector’s most prestigious brands.
Alexys Agency is the leading agency worldwide to offer its clients “Total Luxury Lifestyle” as a single solution.


Alexys Agency’s managers are skilled individuals trained in international trade. They are always on the look-out for innovative products and services, to offer concrete and reliable solutions to customers and partners who everyday idealise “this fantastic world”, who want it, produce it, advertise it, sell it, wear it, live it …breathe it!
Alexys Agency, through its own website and showroom, is the meeting place for all those who are interested in getting to know this world. The goal is not just to share the passion and business, but also to explore the interesting and constantly changing areas surrounding the world of fashion and lifestyle.


Our mission is to guide existing well-known brands, as well as lesser-known brands that are just starting out, through their international business development, offering them real potential to gain ground in new markets.
Alexys Agency passionately follows the multi-faceted world of Fashion and Lifestyle (marketing goods and services, tourism, investments in real estate and securities, events organising, new product research, health and well-being).
Alexys Agency welcomes all requests made by the operators of this complex sector, striving to meet their needs in a professional manner to achieve customer satisfaction.
The countries in which we operate are: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Poland, Russia, Slovenija, Spain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan