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Alexys Agency, your ideal partner

We offer the following services to all manufacturers of clothing and accessories: consultancy and sales & marketing assistance for the creation or development of sales networks abroad.
We are a dynamic, thorough and efficient company. We don’t just handle product promotion and sales, we also take care of ongoing follow-up for the whole after-sales processes of credit management and problem solving; the ideal representative for organised companies and shrewd, demanding customers.
We are very much in demand for our continuous pursuit of excellence and professionalism in the services we offer.
Once a working relationship is established with a new brand, our team immediately starts working closely with managers of manufacturing companies to identify target consumers and the appropriate distribution channels to be set up, as well as setting short and medium term sales and marketing targets.


Problem solving100%


Sales processes

Receipt and follow-up of orders
is one of the many services we provide with accuracy and enthusiasm.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is our fundamental purpose.
Our goal is to always give our customers excellent service.


The whole communication and promotion process, from direct mail and telemarketing to scheduled visits to the outlets of our direct customer.

Advertising and promotion on our website

Using look-books, catalogues, videos, and other multimedia resources, we offer companies and brands the opportunity to introduce themselves and their history, activities and products on our website, boosting their image, increasing sales opportunities abroad and overcoming many significant geographical and cultural barriers.

Business planning

With our long experience
in the international luxury sector
you can be sure our staff have in-depth knowledge
of the target market
and will use their professionalism to
develop business
plans for both the
short and medium-to-long term.

Digital management

From scheduling appointments
in the showroom to receipt of orders and
from problem-solving to financial management, every aspect is managed within a totally computerised work-flow..

Showroom services

Our head office is equipped with spaces for setting up temporary showrooms, ideal to meet the needs of brands
that have no showroom in Italy
or that have showrooms in areas difficult to access by store owners from outside Italy.
dai titolari dei punti vendita esteri


at your disposal


The Alexys Agency team of experts is at your disposal.